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Don’t Carry Me | SINGLE (2019)

Clancy Jones’s latest single ‘Don't Carry Me’ is American Folk Rock at its core with driving guitars and sharp lyrical content.

”Listeners can take what they want from the track but one thing is for sure, do what you love and do it with purpose.” - Clancy Jones


The Ghost of Talfordsville | EP (2017)

The Ghost of Talfordsville is a four song EP that dives deep into the realm of life's unknown certainties, love lost and many hard years traveling the U.S. working as a boilermaker. These songs best fit the mood for Clancy Jones's first debut album. 

Talfordsville is the name of the community he inhabited from Spring 2015-2017 in Austin, Texas. "The Ghost" describes his transparency while living in the community. It was a bohemian lifestyle surrounded by like-minded artists and entertainers. The talents ranged from jugglers, musicians, fire dancers, hermits and dropouts.

"As The Ghost of Talfordsville, there was no paper trace of me living in the community; no lease, electricity or water bills, nothing. All that was left behind were memories of beautiful friendships, music filled nights and everlasting love for the community of Talfordsville. An experience I will hold onto for a lifetime," says Mr. Jones.