Clancy Jones is a conscientious writer with a calloused touch. His voice sways and swings with every bending chord and lyric, and his lyrics are heart worn and road tested. Here are a few pieces of his life in a nutshell:

"I was born and raised in deep Southeast Texas, 40 miles from the Louisiana border. I grew up fast and rough. My parents were wild and crazy then they had me plus four more. So let us fast forward to me at age 25 when I decided to move to Austin, Texas and become a rockstar. HA! I moved with ten songs I had written over the past five years which were pure shit. This time of my life was probably the lowest I had ever endured so I packed my bags, left Austin and became a boilermaker.

I worked over eight years as a boilermaker all while honing my craft for writing songs in motel rooms and port-a-johns at work. I would play my songs late at night with other boilermakers who had similar dreams. It opened my eyes and ears to a whole new world of the working man/blue collar music. I finally found a way to use my life experiences to my advantage. I write songs that are somewhat hopeful and sometimes downright depressing. I write about the raw tenderness of being alive."  - Clancy Jones